Mike Petruzzella

I am a Certified Personal & Group Functional Trainer with a huge passion for training and helping people wherever they may be on their fitness journey. However my own path did not come easy for me. Growing up overweight and a history of heart disease in my family made me decide to totally change my old unhealthy diets. Overtime I became consistently dedicated, and maybe a little obsessive in trying many of the popular evidence based diets, training programs and modalities to a key, and these have given me a unique perspective on how to get you stronger and in better shape each day.

My main focus is to make sure that you are not just getting the best workout that I could offer, but also doing it safely. Technique is of utmost importance in any of my workouts and to progress with me you must be able to safely perform the move before weight could be added. I relate the race of reaching your fitness goals to one that is a marathon not a sprint, and my only goal is to help you get you to the end of that marathon standing tall at the finish line.

I live in Madison with my soon to be wife, and together we run Main Freeze Ice Cream & Cereal Bar inside of Main Street Submarines. My Certification is from W.I.T.S and I have a degree in Marketing from Kean University in 2014. I like to spend my spare time hanging with friends & family, playing sports, & trying new protein packed recipes & desserts.