Sebastion Madrigal

Sebastian Madrigal is a Master Certified Fitness Instructor through AAI and ISSA. With years of experience in the Fitness industry as well as personal experience being a Type 1 Diabetic, Sebastian understand the benefits of what a proper training regimine, along with balanced nutritional diet, can do for your health.  Sebastian currently coaches clients both one on one as well as in big group classes, while also providing nutritional counsel.

Before embarking s a trainer, Sebastian worked alongside many fitness professionals within the Supplement industry as a Supplement Specialist for NutraBio Labs, inc. The knowledge he gained in this position provided a strong foundation for assisting his current clients in the confusing world of supplements and what works for them.

Apart form training, Sebastian enjoys watching all sorts of sports, is a BIG Yankee fan, and loves music and singing, having studied professional voice for over 7 years.