Hosting Local Chatham and Madison Events at FFM!

Tuesday night’s Hip Hop HIIT with Michael Cuomo was clearly a “hit!”

Thank you to Michael for sharing his incredible presence and passion for dance…And thank you to everyone for making the night truly unforgettable! Many of you had the opportunity to establish new connections via face-to-face communication, which is rare due to our busy lives and the overconsumption of technology…The infectious #energy in the room left many of you feeling recharged to power through the remainder of the week.

You can’t put a price on experiences like these. We are truly lucky to have the space to enrich our physical, emotional wellness and empower each other through dance/exercise and laughter.

Until the next one….!!!

#community #communitywellness #fitfam #fitfamily

Thinking about hosting an event for your favorite group of people?? Girlfriends, women’s organizations, your Church, you name it we will host it!

There’s opportunities for you to raise money for your Chatham, Madison and locally based groups through fundraising events, private training, and more! Tell us what you’d like to create in your community and we’ll tell you how we can be your partner in making that happen!