About FFM

Fitness For Mankind is a boutique personal training company that provides one-on-one direction and tailors all exercises to clients’ specific needs in a group setting.

Our schedule is designed weekly to comprehensively work the entire body from different angles with various load, resistance, and endurance training. Just like in an individual personal training session, FFM’s certified trainers can monitor clients’ progress to yield the best results.

M/W/F are strength days = circuit style weight training with cardio mixed in (M = Upper focused but not “arms only”), Wed = Lower focused, Fri= Total body. The movements, while emphasizing that area/region of the body, involve compound movements, so you really are engaging, recruiting other muscles of the body.

Tuesdays & Thursdays are HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) days meant to give clients the cardio they need. There’s cardio & resistance exercises programmed into the workouts on both of these days.

The formats of the HIIT workouts on Tuesdays are different from the formats of the HIIT workouts on Thursdays, which is nice because clients don’t get bored ever! So all the workouts are the same for all class times for each day–for Strength days & HIIT days.

The 8:30-9:15AM classes M-F proceed the 45 minute class 9:15AM and lots of clients with the 30 Day Unlimited option choose to take those classes too. There are 30 Minute core, glute and arm workouts. The 2 core and 2 butt workouts are different FYI so should you do 2 of the 30 minute Booty Blast classes in one week, you will not be repeating the same workout.

FFM also offers yoga classes which help to increase flexibility, speed up muscle recovery, and ensure injury prevention.

Our certified health coaches are able to customize a personal fitness, nutrition and wellness plan to fit your needs. Contact us today!