We are pleased to offer a childcare room available for your little ones while you workout. We take babies as young as 3 months. Please note we cannot change diapers or allow food and/or drink in our childcare rooms. In order to make our facility work more efficiently and with safety in mind, the following rules must be followed.

Sign In/Sign Out

Please sign your child in upon arrival and out before leaving. The same person who signs your child in must sign them out.

No Germs, Please

Please do not bring your children if they are sick. We ask that you follow the same rules as school – cold & flu symptom-free for at least 24 hours. If a child appears ill he or she will not be admitted into Childcare. Children are not allowed to bring toys from home. No outside food or drink is allowed.

Potty Time

Children must be fully dressed at all times, including socks. Parents will be called if a child needs to be changed or is crying excessively.

Childcare Punches

Childcare punches  are good for 30-Minute Classes + Following Class. If you take a 45 minute class after the 30 minute class, you are only charged 1 punch per child.

Childcare Schedule

Our childcare room is available for the 9AM class!


One of the things I like most about FFM is the childcare. All of the women are warm, positive, responsible, and genuinely enjoy playing with and caring for children.  It also makes me happy that, like their parents, the children have formed their own community.  My youngest now asks me to bring him to FFM so he can see his friends. This seals the deal for me.

I love everything about FFM!  From the workouts, to the relationships, to the unbelievable babysitters!  Having young kids makes it hard to work out, especially when you have to worry about the quality of care your children are going to get or if the facility is clean. FFM solves both those issues and my kids LOVE going there.  The childcare room is perfectly clean all the time and the babysitters are so motherly they make it easy to leave the kids. Plus the childcare room is right around the corner from the workout room!  FFM cares about your health and your kids. I cannot say enough great things!