We are pleased to offer a childcare room available for your little ones while you workout. We take babies as young as 3 months. Please note we cannot change diapers or allow food and/or drink in our childcare rooms. In order to make our facility work more efficiently and with safety in mind, the following rules must be followed.

Sign In/Sign Out

Please sign your child in upon arrival and out before leaving. The same person who signs your child in must sign them out.

No Germs, Please

Please do not bring your children if they are sick. We ask that you follow the same rules as school – cold & flu symptom-free for at least 24 hours. If a child appears ill he or she will not be admitted into Childcare. Children are not allowed to bring toys from home. No outside food or drink is allowed.

Potty Time

Children must be fully dressed at all times, including socks. Parents will be called if a child needs to be changed or is crying excessively.