At FFM, we will help your children to build strength, endurance, coordination, confidence–and make some new friends along the way. Starting from the foundation of helping your children understand movement patterns, our functional programming is tailored to their ages.

Our Coach teaches fundamental exercises that most kids don’t learn until they are adults, but are imperative for total body health and wellness.

These 45 minute sessions will have your child building strength, confidence and most importantly, having fun!

My 6 year old son struggles with inattentiveness. FHITKids gives him an outlet for pent up energy and helps him focus. While the classes are structured, challenging, they are not about being the “best” or scoring goals…The program is about self-improvement within the child’s specific fitness journey. After participating in the program last year, I noticed a difference in my son’s behavior and he is excited to do it again this time around.
-Katie Siano
Owner, FFM