Nutrition Coaching

What FFM provides:

  • Access to a 1:1 Nutrition Coaching relationship with a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist to facilitate the effectiveness of a Nutrition Plan and provide accountability and support.
  • Measurements, weight, and body fat percentage are taken at beginning of counseling, and periodically throughout (optional).
  • Direct communication for questions/concerns via text with Nutrition Coach.
  • Coach determines custom macronutrient breakdown for client according to his or her specific goals and body type. Coach will NOT provide a specific meal plan.
  • Coach provides a list of acceptable foods for each “macro,” a guide for portion sizes, and suggestions for how to combine foods to create meals that achieve the correct macronutrient balance, and provides guidance on supplements and nutrient timing.
  • Guidance on meal prepping.
  • Strategies for eating when entering and during the “maintenance” phase at the end of the diet.

Client Commitments:

  • Weight is provided to Coach three times per week on a pre-determined schedule.
  • Provides a detailed daily food log for the first week of coaching.
  • Commitment to eating within the guidelines of the custom macro breakdown.
  • Agrees to limit processed foods, added sugars, and alcohol for the duration of the package.
  • Commitment to consistent workouts, (no fewer than three days per week).
  • No less than an 8 week commitment.

Group Coaching:

  • Each individual will receive the same benefits as listed above, while enjoying a discount on the individual price. Support and encourage each other while developing new healthy eating habits. Share recipes, tips, successes, questions, etc.

Group Pricing: TBD

  • This is just a suggestion:
    Groups of 2 receive 10% off Individual price; 3 receive 15% off; 4 receive 20% off.