Inspiring testimonials from a client like Cindy who does our at-home workout recordings only, makes us love what we do here at FFM! Read her amazing words below. 🙏

“How can I ever thank you and the FFM team for helping me to change my life and become so much healthier and stronger?

I’ve been exercising for over 1 year using the recorded zoom classes offered by FFM. The recording classes are fantastic and have really allowed me to keep up with my exercise routine and have helped me to lose 30 pounds! I’m so grateful that you have continued to provide virtual classes and recordings of those classes.

The recorded classes are a great option when I need to fit in exercising on “my time”. I can exercise anytime or anywhere no matter if I am home or traveling. All of the instructors -Katie, Bill, Hall are very attentive to those on zoom and in turn those like me who are exercising using the zoom recordings. I never feel like I am exercising alone because I can follow along with the zoom crowd. And, if I am unsure of how to do an exercise–I can watch someone on the recording. The recordings are really motivating! And, I really do feel like I am part of a class.

Thank you again for supporting me in my journey to become healthier!”


My wife Cathy works out at FFM. Cathy kept asking me to come and train with her. I was in shape and used to working out!  Well I thought I was in shape, I was mistaken. These classes take no prisoners. I was used to the typical men’s workouts bench press, curls, lat pull downs, squats and you know the drill. Time to mix it up and get a full body extreme 45 min work out. I never thought a rubber band could be so challenging.

In a few months cholesterol was down, endurance was up, weight is down and I am happy to be attending classes several times a week.

The trainers are best in class knowledgeable, experienced, and personable. Free weights range for levels of fitness.

Give it a try for a month it will change your life.


Mike Maloney

FFM has been a game changer for me. In a little over six weeks, the fabulous team of trainers there have helped me to transform my body from soft to strong. I’ve never been a big weight-lifter, admitting to Katie when we first chatted about my goals (something she takes the time to do with each and every new client) that I absolutely HATE lifting weights, for me it gets very boring, very fast. There’s absolutely no chance for that at FFM, every single day is a different workout, and each one is carefully designed by the trainers there to push you no matter what level you’re at. There are multiple class offerings every day which means it actually works with my schedule, something this full time working mom of two toddlers can’t believe exists. PLUS, they offer babysitting!!! The only way they could possibly make it easier is if they did the workout for me!

The group classes feel completely personalized, even when there are 15 people right there alongside you. The instructors are in it, showing you the what and the how, correcting form and adding or taking away weights as needed. These are people who love what they do and it shows. Over the past few weeks, I’ve shed fat and gained definition in my legs (something I haven’t seen since my pre-baby days,) I’ve unearthed my triceps (who knew they were in there?!) I run a faster mile now, something I tried to do all summer on my own and couldn’t maintain, and I’ve tried new things I never would’ve done on my own: kettlebell exercises and TRX, cleans, snatches and Turkish getups (not a torture technique, it just sounds like it!) While it’s been challenging it’s also been fun. It’s a team environment and whether you’re working individually, in pairs, or as a group, there’s an “in-this-together” mindset that I’ve never encountered in other gyms. It’s one of the things that makes FFM special, and encourages you to try harder every time you go.

They’re teaching me to eat cleaner, which helps manage my PCOS. I mean, I still eat pizza and have a few drinks on the weekend but I still want to go back on Monday and that’s what makes FFM special. The way they conduct classes, the encouragement and camaraderie is what makes you go back for more. I can’t wait to see what the next six weeks bring!!!

Karolise Sudovar

Joining FFMs was the best decision I made last year. I was trying to figure out how to fit in working out, getting back in shape after birthing a giant 9lb 6oz baby all while trying to navigate the separation/childcare emotions that come with being a first time Mom. I couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming experience. Even to this day, a year later and pregnant again, everyone is so supportive. Lauren and Katie have created an amazing space for us Moms and our Families to connect, support and most of all nurture us through our pre/post pregnancy selves. My son truly LOVES the childcare sitters and I can’t wait to enjoy the new Mommy/Me classes with him!


FFM is not just an amazing facility, it’s an amazing community. Founded by moms, FOR moms means the support is strong, the workouts are comprehensive and challenging, and the nutrition component creates an experience and lifestyle. This is definitely so much more than a place to get fit. But of course that happens too!


Excellent trainers, small group classes, welcoming environment and killer workouts with results!


Love everything about FFM. The workouts are amazing, the trainers are extremely good at pushing me harder to get the results I want, the studio is new and very convenient, the babysitters are WONDERFUL and the babysitting room is super clean, and the support of other moms and friendships I have made is something I am so thankful for! Thanks Katie and Lauren!


Took a Yoga BodySculpt class today that was fantastic! Equal parts stretch & strength in only 45 minutes. The instructor was great & so was the workout. Looking forward to taking again soon.


FFM is an amazing community to be a part of. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or just starting out, you’ll fit right in. Incredible strength and cardio programming that can be progressed or regressed as needed for your abilities as well as an encouraging and motivating group of trainers and clients – FFM has been the only program I have stuck with for an extended period of time and still love as much as I did when I first began. FFM offers your first class free of charge, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out. You won’t be disappointed!


I started doing FFM over 2 years ago when I was pregnant with our third baby and it has completely changed my life. The strength workouts are amazing and something I wouldn’t normally do on my own at the gym. The HIIT classes are the best around and I always look forward to a new and challenging workout! The trainers are wonderful, motivating and fun! The nutritional consultations have helped me immensely and taught me a whole new way of healthy and balanced eating – something that no other diet has before. Katie and Lauren have created such a strong sense of community and friendship. I can’t say enough good things about FFM! If you haven’t tried it you have to!