Programs & Classes


FFMs traditional weight lifting circuits incorporate Dumbbell, barbell and kettelbell complexes mixed with cardio. These workouts focus on functional movements that develop strength and tone your body while concentrating on either the upper, lower or comprehensive total body. FFM trainers regress, progress, and tailor every workout to the clients’ individual needs to ensure that the classes are appropriate for all fitness levels.


This high intensity cardio class is designed to get the heart pumping! With a combination of SkiErg, AirBike, Rowers, Medicine Balls, Gliders, battle ropes and bodyweight exercises–your body will constantly be challenged and you’ll never get bored.

Resistance Interval Training

Designed to complement the Strength workouts, this HIIT class combines cardio resistance training and dynamic movements to spike your metabolism, build strength, and improve overall fitness and core stability. The workouts alternate upper body, lower body and core moves as well as high-intensity and lower-intensity exercises to produce a challenging, total body routine that promises better weight loss results in less time.

Private Training & Semi-Private Training

  • Not a “Class person” and are looking for a more intimate setting in a beautiful studio?
  • Intimidated to exercise with people you don’t know?
  • Looking for guided beginner-level instruction so you can learn the fundamentals correctly?
  • Have a group of 2-4 friends you want to get together to train?
  • Customized semi-private workout tailored to your crew?
  • Post-partum specialists
  • On-Site Childcare Available in childcare facility while you workout! *For sessions post 8AM